"Я почти всегда удивляю сам себя, делая то или иное."

Тони Какко
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My Selene

Nocturnal poetry,
Dressed in the white and silver, you smile at me
Every night I wait for my sweet Selene
But, still...
Solitude's upon my skin
The life that's bound by the chains of reality
Would you let me be your Endymion?
I won't bathe in your moonlight, a slumbering beast,
Enchanted by your kiss and forever sleep...
But until we unite, I live for the night
Wait for time, two souls entwine
In the break of new dawn my hope is forlorn,
Shadows, they will fade, but I'm always in the shade
Without you...
Serene and silent sky
Rays of moon are dancing with the time
A perfect sight, the world divine
And I, the loneliest child alive,
Always waiting, searching for my bride,
I'm still alone in the dead of night...
Silent I lie with smile on my face,
Appearance decieves and the silence betrays
As I wait for the time my dream comes alive
Always out of sight, but never out of mind,
And under waning moon still I long for you,
Alone against the light, solitude and might
In the end, I'm enslaved by my dreams
In the end, there's no soul who bleeds for me
Hidden from daylight, concealed in my cave
Wrapped in the dream that is slowly turning to a nightmare
Where I'm all alone...
And then there was light when you're but a dream,
The book is still open, the pages as empty as me...
I cling to the hope that's beginning to fade,
Trying to break the desolation, my hate
But until we unite, I live for the night
Wait for time, two souls entwine
In the break of new dawn, my hope is forlorn
We will never meet, only misery and me...
This is my final call, my evenfall
Drowning into time, I become the night
By the light of new day, I'll fade away
Reality cuts deep
Would you bleed with me, my Selene?
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