"Я считаю, мы пробуждаем людей, мы работаем не только с металлом, а стараемся добавлять другие стили, это и делает нашу музыку более интересной, т.к там присутствует частичка всего."

Тони Какко
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"These are my final lines,
I've lived all my nine lives,
My nights are over, cannot feel your heart anymore"
I lived only trough you,
My scar, my heart, my truth,
I do not want to die,
But no more can I love you!!!
How hard it is to understand
My wish to die hand in hand?
This night's like a dream
You will be the last thing I will see
I hold your hand, close my eyes all I love finally dies
Drank the poison most foul with you...
But why do you smile?
...Don't smile
Don't you smile
You were supposed to wither away with me, so, Juliette
Please don't smile
I'm paralysed and you are still alive.
Life is but a long, sad game
Lifeless souls, avoiding shame
Two dead swans is all what we need
To pave the winding memory lane.
No hellos, no bad goodbyes
Wailing, distant, silent cries
You can live with my pain,
It's your own you cannot take?
You played the game and lost,
I wonder how you can,
Hold the cards for a dead man
The light and the clarity
Welcome change for the life in the darkness,
Sea of my sanity...
Lost in the vanity...
All I ever wanted; to be lost in you,
My burden, the hatred...
My own reality...
Mirrors and smoke
The final truth unfolds
...Your reality...
Mirrors my hopes,
Where you will need me...
They never find us again once the trail has gone cold
They never find us again once the trail has gone cold
I'm a restless soul, I'll make the best ghost
All things good end into a...
Minute of silence!
– I get myself in line
One minute of silence
– To face my own demise
One minute of silence
– This is not what I signed for...
One minute of silence
– You double-crossing, filthy whore...
I sit with someone in the dark
I'm so afraid to see it's me again...
You had a change of heart,
Now we're all getting hurt...
Ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome to my life again
Walk with me, every curve, every bend
This promenade that seems to come to an end
You know what you meant to me,
Emptied the room in your life that I paid for
When I lost my sanity
I made a mess I am now here to clean
It is too late to regret anything tonight
After what has come to light
...You have played me for a fool, for all this time?
The story may rewrite itself after I'm gone
One more breath, the day will dawn
How hard it is to understand
My wish to die hand in hand?
These wounds stay open all night long,
You are the last thing I will see...
I lived only by you,
My scar, my heart, my truth,
My sole reason to die... for
There's no life without you
These are my final lines, I've used all my nine lives,
My life is over, cannot feel your heart anymore
I lived only by you,
My scar, my heart, my truth,
Have no reason to live,
I can't feel the love anymore...
This is... the end... Why...?
You're closing my eyes...
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